Why live in Ahuntsic

As everyone knows, Montreal’s real estate market is afire: low inventory for a lot of buyers, and prices that keep on increasing. Let’s not forget the health crisis that gives buyers one wish: get a breath of fresh air and get away from city centres, whether as a main or secondary home. Why live in Ahuntsic and why does it  seem the best place to start a real estate project? Let’s talk about the market and the reasons why you should choose this area.


Ahuntsic’s Market

In 2016, Ahuntsic had 134,245 inhabitants with an age averaging around 42 years old. Ahuntsic consisted mostly around single and 2-person households. On the entirety of the area’s inhabitants, 61% were tenants and they live mostly in building of 5 floors or less.

Indeed, these are the most numerous properties, with a share of 73%.

Ahuntsic’s statistics are different of the other Montreal neighbourhoods: we notice a decrease of 2% in sales and a decrease of 23% in available listings in 2020. This simply means that there are fewer listings than sales. What kind of property is sold? We see an increase of sale for single house, but they are not the most sold properties: 273 single houses for 288 plex or 500 co-ownership.


Countryside Living in a City Setting

If there is one thing that can be said about Ahuntsic is that it’s like countryside in the heart of the city. The neighbourhood is airy, there are many parks (it’s the area with the most parks in Montreal) and many detached properties: this provides you with the impression that you are living in the countryside but in an urban setting.


Unmatched Accessibility

Indeed, the area is accessible by all access road (by the 40 and 15 highways) that allows you to reach all areas of Montreal quickly. There are 3 metro stations and a bus line that is working continuously.

A Great Range of Local Services

Although it is a less popular area than others in Montreal, Ahuntsic is not left out and will be quickly known and appreciated. There is something for everyone in Ahuntsic with its two commercial streets that are getting expanded and a range of services that keeps on growing. Also, there are several multicultural groceries (Ahuntsic is where the first Adonis grocery store was built) and let’s not forget the Marché Central.

 Infrastructure Offering a Good Quality of Life

Parents and parents to-be will be happy to learn that several high quality elementary and high schools, and CEGEP are located in the area. Let’s not forget the presences of many bike paths that help reduce traffic and keep the impression of space. A useful information, though I hope you won’t need to go that often, the area has 2 hospitals, including one specialized in trauma. As for activities, the neighbourhood is full of parks. Parc de la Visitation has many activities: cycling, skiing, kayaking … on the historical and cultural side, did you know that Montreal’s first church was built in Ahuntsic?


As you will understand, Ahuntsic is a prime neighbourhood for those looking for a great quality of life that offers an urban and countryside environment with green spaces and commercial streets. Ahuntsic features many assets and the most important ones: the prices are affordable compared to other areas, so many opportunities are still available.

Interested? Do not hesitate to contact me, Éric Jolander at 514-975-1133 and I will be glad to help you realize all your real estate projects in Ahuntsic.

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