impact of key rate increase on your project

After three consecutive rises since the start of the year, the Bank of Canada’s key rate is now at 1.5%, compared to 0.25% at the start of the year. A real paradigm shift, as the institution had set the key rate at a floor level at the start of the pandemic, with the aim of mitigating inflation which was constantly growing. What are the consequences of these increases on your real estate project? In this article, I give you some key points to read and understand.

Initially, a Craze on the Real Estate Market

In the weeks that followed the first key rate hikes by the Bank of Canada, we saw some enthusiasm among buyers on the real estate market. Many people who want to be homeowners want to benefit from the lowest possible mortgage rates. Potential buyers therefore want to make the most of low rates before they rise again. The phenomenon is known as experts have noticed that when financial institutions plan to raise the key rate, buyers always tend to rush to buy available real estate. And as the supply cannot satisfy this still high demand, the market remains very active.

In the Medium Term, the Stabilization of the Market

As we know, despite the pandemic, the Montreal real estate market has remained particularly dynamic. And this enthusiasm for real estate should therefore not be slowed down by the current rise in interest rates, at least in the short term…

Because quite logically, prices should end up stabilizing, with the reduction in the purchasing power of consumers: by increasing its key rate, the Bank of Canada makes borrowing more expensive. Especially since further rate increases are expected, which should start to weigh on demand! And that of the first buyers, who suffer the most from this drop in their borrowing capacity.

What impact for your mortgage loan?

Are you already a homeowner and have taken out a mortgage loan to finance your purchase?

If you had opted for a variable rate, these increases in the key rate will quickly affect your mortgage payment, if this is not already the case. Indeed, financial institutions generally rely on the key rate to determine their prime interest rate.

If you had opted for a fixed rate, then the impact of this gradual increase in rates will be felt when you renew: it remains to be seen how the macroeconomic situation will evolve by then…

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