How to increase the value of your property

The success of the sale of your property does not only depend on its location and the skills of your real estate broker. Like any product, a real estate property must also be attractive and interesting to buyers to sell well. How can you increase your home’s value? Here are 5 tips to help you win over potential buyers.

There are several tricks to make a property more attractive and interesting. Moreover, even if the goal is not to sell it, the operation will in any case increase the value of your condo or your house (which is always interesting in the long term!). Here I give you the top 5 tips that work every time.

Make over Your Kitchen and Bathroom

It may seem counter-intuitive, but of all the rooms in the house, after a visit, the ones that buyers will often remember are the kitchen and the bathroom. Especially if these two pieces are in poor condition (which would be fatal for your sale) or in excellent condition, which will earn you a lot of points! It is therefore necessary to concentrate the work on these two parts. What exactly should be done?

Regarding the kitchen, it is a question of giving a facelift to the furniture:

  • Repaint cabinets;
  • Change old storage with modern shelves;
  • Replace the counter or worktops;
  • Restore the tiling.

When it comes to the bathroom, it is above all necessary to focus on the aesthetic aspect of the room by improving it. This can be done by changing the paint, tiling, etc. It will also be necessary to make sure that all the plumbing works correctly and is not in poor condition.

Focus on Maintenance

A poorly maintained condo or house is extremely difficult to sell. The maintenance of the property is therefore an element that should never be neglected. Besides, the advantage of maintaining your property is that it costs much less than many other renovation investments.

This maintenance involves keeping the property clean and tidy. In other words, it will be necessary to get into the habit of:

  • Dusting the surfaces;
  • Vacuuming and maintaining floors;
  • Keeping caulking and faucets in top condition;
  • Taking care of all the small daily repairs before it worsens;
  • Removing weeds and caring for plants in the garden.

The ideal is to carry out this maintenance as regularly as possible. However, if this is not possible, it should at least be done before posting the ad or before allowing visits! And it will then also be necessary to think about storing everything well and depersonalizing as much as possible.

Painting: A Winning Choice

Repainting is one of the easiest and cheapest home improvement jobs. However, this operation makes  the rise of a property’s value easier. In fact, it can either give a second life to your property or give it a completely different style.

As for the colours to pick, it all depends on the desired results:

  • If you wish to make your room bigger, go for light colours
  • If you want to bring out sobriety, choose dark colours
  • If you want to hide flaws, matte colours will do the work.

Go for Storage

Storage is essential in a house or condo. Moreover, the larger the property, the more storage solutions will be needed. Otherwise, all the objects and personal effects could be scattered all over the house.

Storage therefore helps to improve the aesthetics of the property, but also makes it more practical. How to improve storage to make it an asset? Among the possibilities are:

  • The installation of modern shelving;
  • The refurbishment of old cabinets;
  • The addition of storage under the attic or under the stairs.

Don’t neglect the roof

The roof is one of the first elements that can be seen from the outside. In addition, a good, waterproof roof guarantees that the interior of the house will remain dry despite driving rains. For all these reasons, it is essential not to neglect the roof.

Here it is a question of making sure that the roof is in good condition. Otherwise, call a professional and carry out the necessary repair/renovation work. It is better to check and maintain your roof regularly to avoid major work that is often expensive!

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