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Do you want to sell your house, your condo or your plex in Ahuntsic? Wondering what is the best strategy for your sale to be quick but to get the price you want, even during this period of uncertainty? Here are some tips to achieve this.


Choose a Broker Who Knows the Area

Teaming up with a broker is, in my opinion, the best way to successfully sell your property. You can count on his expertise, his professionalism, and his network! But there is no question of choosing just any broker, choose a professional who works a lot in your sector and who has strong local expertise. The broker will represent you and your home throughout the sale of it, so be sure to choose someone who can do it best!


If you are looking to sell in Ahuntsic-Cartierville, know that our team has made more than 4,000 transactions in the sector! We therefore know all the specifics of it, and we will be able to represent your property in the best way.


It is also important to turn to someone who will accompany you throughout the transaction and who will be involved in your project, from A to Z. Having a single point of contact will reassure you, and you will know immediately who to turn to. If you need advice or have any doubts. I treat my clients the way I would like to be treated. This is why I personally support them in all stages of their transaction and even well after…


Property Enhancement

To make sure you sell your house in Ahuntsic quickly, you must show it in its best light. It is important to declutter and depersonalize the rooms as much as possible so that potential buyers can imagine themselves at home. You will also need to make the necessary small repairs and touch-ups. In some cases, home staging can also be useful to get the “wow effect” and thus shorten sales times.


Highlighting your property may seem superfluous to you, but it will especially pay off when it is put up for sale because it often results in a substantial increase in the selling price!


Think about the presale inspection

To avoid unpleasant surprises and to demonstrate your seriousness, you should consider doing a presale inspection. This reassures potential buyers and avoids unpleasant surprises and price drops after the inspection made by the buyer.


Set a Fair Price

To sell your house quickly, you must make sure that the price you set is fair and reflects a sound analysis. You must rely on comparables, current real estate market conditions, the specifics of your property, and other economic data. To be sure that the selling price is the right one, there is nothing like the analysis of a professional. The real estate broker is specifically trained to assess the market value of a property and will be able to give you the facts.


Make a Good First Impression

While buyers aren’t going to decide whether to make an offer based on your personality, making a good impression during visits can tip the scales. My advice: be warm but remain discreet. Your broker will know how to present to potential buyers all the advantages that your house has to offer.


How to sell your house during the coronavirus (Covid-19)?

Are you telling yourself that selling your property during the pandemic we are currently facing is not the best idea? It may be wise to take advantage of the momentum and avoid having to lower your selling price (as could be the case if you wait for the economy to recover normally). Serious buyers are always present.


Know that I make available to my customers different alternatives to allow the sale during this period:


  • Offer virtual tours rather than physical tours.
  • Fill out the mandatory forms remotely.
  • Propose the electronic signature.

Some people need housing. I am thinking of people who have terminated their rental lease or who have already sold their house a few months ago. Listing now allows you to target those serious buyers.


If you want to quickly sell your property in Ahuntsic or if you have any questions about the sale process, do not hesitate to contact me by email at or by phone at 514 975-1133!

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