Essential tips to renovate your home

Renovating your home is the obvious solution to keep it in shape, but also to improve its beauty. Home improvement projects can be more complex than it seems. Between prioritizing, meeting professionals, budgeting, and verifying the current rules and regulations, it can be puzzling. Here are 6 essential tips to successfully renovate your house.

Organize your project

First, you must draw up a list of your needs and priorities to organize your work.

It is necessary to respect a certain order: the main work (framework, earthworks, foundations, sanitation, etc.) is carried out before the finishing work (electrical devices, plumbing equipment, interior joinery, etc.) which is carried out before finishes (paint, flooring, etc.).

Similarly, you must determine whether you will do your work alone or if you entrust it to a contractor. In the second case, you will have to draw up a list of all the stakeholders to ensure their proper coordination during the work.

Set Your Budget

To avoid jumping on huge works, it is important to plan all your expenses. This will allow you to reduce the risk of impulse purchases. Therefore, you need to figure out your budget.

To do so, you must make a list of all the elements that impact the cost of renovating your home: materials, tools, labour, experts, permits, etc. Also, don’t forget to contact different professionals to ask them for quotes and compare them all.

It is also essential that you allow 10% to 15% of the budget for contingencies. This way you avoid unpleasant surprises.

Choose Professionals

Keep in mind that in Quebec, some work can’t be done by a person who has no degree. For example, only an electrician or a plumber can repair electrical and plumbing installations. It would be deemed illegal, should you not do so. You could have problems with your insurance company should you need to file a claim.

Anyway, it is preferable to hire experience professionals to do your home improvement projects. IT might cost more, but you are sure to choose success and a project that will run smoothly.

Do Some Work Yourself

If some project must be done by professionals, it is not the case for some of them. Indeed, some improvement or repair work can be done by yourself. For example, you can easily paint a wall or put wallpaper. You only need to know which tools you need and what are the steps to do so efficiently. The internet is full of tutorials and explicative videos that will help you save money.

Report Your Work to Your Insurer

You must report any renovation project to your home insurer. It is also important to look at your insurance cover in civil responsibility because it will protect you if you are asking for help and a loved one gets injured.

Check the Progress of the Work

If you have used professional to do your home renovation project, you must check the progress of the project. Indeed, you must be sure that the project is to your expectations.

If you are not there, don’t forget to go to the work site at least every other day to watch the progress.

It is usually recommended to call a professional to assist you, because he can verify the conformity of the work in its detail and encourage the success of your project.

If after or during a real estate project, you want to renovate your property, it would be my pleasure to put my experience and my network of professionals at your disposal to assist you. Let’s talk about your dream!

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